Machinebuilding workshop

At the "Machinebuilding" workshop the castings are processed in accordance with the customers requirements and the technical documentation provided. A variety of steel details is made in order to produce the required items. We produce spare parts, industry and households goods, and other products. They are classified into several groups below and their pictures are displayed on the "Gallery" page.

  • Custom-made products
  • Custom-made products are made upon request and when design documentation is supplied. We produce parts, assemblies and products, welding structures, facilities, tooling and foundry models, equipment and other items.

    We perform machining of castings - rough or finishing.

    If a sample is provided the detail also could be produced. In this case, the technical documentation is being developed by specialists of the company, who follow all customer requirements. This type of orders are placed frequently for spare parts production.

  • Spare parts
  • Foundry and machinebuilding progress creates opportunities for spare parts production. This production is classified as follows:

    • Spare parts for agricultural machinery – such as aluminum needles for pack in bales, aluminum keep out caps for trailers, gearbox bodies and covers for ‘Niva” combine, shafts, gears, bushings, other items.
    • All spare parts for sand spraying equipment used by national road administration for "ZIL", "GAZ", "Skoda" and "Ifa" vehicles. On request, specific parts could be produced, for example import - substitutes and automobile bushes.
    • Aggregates, assemblies, non-standard equipment and spare parts for the ceramic industry - in particular for roof tiles and bricks manufacturers.
    • Spare parts for thermoplastic machines (TM - machines) or spraying machines for injection molding of thermoplastics without PVC. Production is carried out by molding in metal molds.

  • Products for construction and household
  • These products are contained in the company’s production list. Pictures of these items are shown in the "Gallery".

    • grates and covers for sewer shafts;
    • all sizes drainage brackets;
    • cast iron grills for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces;
    • cast iron-barbecue;
    • decorative legs, table, ashtray, bench;
    • manual guillotine - in two types: small - for cutting sheet metal up to 1.5 mm, and large - for sheet metal up to 2.5 mm;
    • scissors for cutting rebar – two types: small – up to Ф8 mm cutting, and big - up to ф12 mm;
    • thermoplastics products, made by TM-machines (injection molding) – such like: 8 mm x 8 mm junction box, ф80mm circular junction box; small pallet, console box and other plastic parts with a tool (syringe form ) supplied by the customer;
    • plastic hangers for skirt and trousers - we have our own form;