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At the "Foundry" workshop various castings are produced with broad industrial and home usage. They could be classified by type, complexity, size, weight, alloy composition and many other indicators.
We divide the castings to non-ferrous castings and gray iron castings, accordingly to their alloy composition. This page contains information about the "Foundry" workshop products, pictures of these products could be seen on the "Gallery" page.

  • Non-ferrous castings
    Bronze castng
  • We produce non-ferrous alloys in the form of bronze, brass and aluminum alloys ingots in accordance with the following standards: BDS EN 1982, BDS EN 1706, DIN 1705, DIN 1714, also custom-made technical orders for non-ferrous alloys ingots of different non-standard brands of bronze, brass, aluminum and their alloys

    The company produces copper-based castings with varoius shapes, complexity and sizes, such as bronze and brass castings, weighing up to 500 kg. and aluminum base castings - siluminum alloy castings with weight of 300 kg.
    Full (final) or partial (rough) cast machining is performed, according to customer requirements.
    We use the following casting methods: in land, in mold, centrifugal and in shell-form.
    We also produce aluminum alloy castings in metal forms provided by the client, by “400 MB” piston machine" pressure.

    The company has its own laboratory for spectral analysis of non-ferrous alloys and gives chemical composition assurances of bronze, brass and siluminium brands.

  • Gray iron castings
    Gray iron casting
  • The castings made are of GC 20 gray iron, weighing up to 400 kg. They have various applications in industry and at home. Some of the products included in this range are: barbecue, grills for stoves and fireplaces, table legs, ash-tray legs, legs for benches and other items.

  • Park and street interior
    Lantern on wall
  • We have manufactured such items for over twenty years, mainly for Spain, but we have also had orders for France, Greece, Germany and other countries. The production list includes: decorative street lanterns, consoles, emblems, badges and ornaments, bench legs, small pylons for grass and street protections, beak and decor for water fountain and other goods made on client’s request.

    The products are made of aluminum alloys, mainly for export. The consoles are manufactured with apertures /holes/ for electrical cables and they could be assembed on the wall or at the pole.

    There are two models of lanterns - "Imperial" and "Romaniko," each of which is made in large and small version. They are assembled through consoles on a wall or pillar. The lanterns are produced without electrical equipment.

    There are various consoles manufactured by the company, as follows:

    • "Palacio" in four variants - large, medium, small and console cut (with shortened base);
    • Console "Villa" in three modifications - large, medium, small;
    • Console „Aranjuez”;
    • Console „Barrosa”;
    • Console „Brazo”;
    • Console „Polaris”;
    • Console „Ostra”;

    The products are made of aluminum alloy castings, which means they could be used for ever. They are beautiful, comfortable and practical, non-corrosive - once installed, they have unlimited life. Upon request consoles and lanterns could be painted.