The company’s production list includes the following products:

  • Various types - ingots of bronze, brass and aluminum alloys according to EN 1982, BS EN 1706, DIN 1705, DIN 1714 and by technological assignment;
  • Casting of non-ferrous alloys: for bronze - with a weight up to 500 kg., for siluminium - a weight up to 300 kg., with full or rough machining according to customer's requirement;
  • Gray iron castings up to 400 kg;
  • Aluminum alloy castings, alloy pressure of piston machine - "400 MB" in metal molds supplied by customer;
  • Plastic products made with TM machines, such as junction boxes and console boxes, caps, hangers, and other goods with customer’s mold supplied;
  • Spare parts for snow cleaning machines, gritters and salt spreading equipment;
  • Spare parts for agricultural machinery;
  • Spare parts and equipment for the ceramics industry;
  • Park and street interior, such as lanterns, decorative consoles, posts for street and grass fences, blazonry, bench and legs for a bench , table, ashtray and other products on client request;
  • Foundry models and equipment made of wood and metal;
  • Tooling - welding devices and structures ;
  • Construction and households items such as: rebar shears, metal sheets hand guillotine cutters, cast iron barbecue, stove and fireplace grates, water-supply network brackets of all sizes, etc
  • Custom-made items on construction documentation supplied by the client;


The company has installations for centrifugal, stilt and soil casting, as well as a great variety of foundry models and stilts equipment.

The melting process is done in induction and electric furnaces.

The company has its own nonferrous alloys spectral analysis laboratory, and guarantees the chemical composition of bronze, brass and siluminium brands.

Complete mechanical processing is offered thanks to the numerous machinery, available at the company, such as:

  • Universal lathes with 6000 mm workpiece maximum length
  • CNC lathes;
  • Universal milling and CNC;
  • Jig-boring machine with very high accuracy;
  • Stoss machine(vertical shaper, sloting machine, slotter)
  • Grinder machine for plane and circular grinding of details where smoothness and accuracy is required /maximum length of details up to 3000 mm/;
  • Shaping machine(shaper);

"Bronze" Ltd. - Sofia has available capacity also for cooperative production.

We hope our products meet your requirements and look forward to future business contacts!