Welcome to the "Bronze" Ltd!

Founded in 1964, the company has evolved over the years and improved its foundry and machine-building capacity. There are traditions in these two areas today and each of them is differentiated into a separate production workshop, as follows:

"Foundry" workshop:

  • castings of non-ferrous alloys - copper base (bronze and brass) and aluminum base (siluminium);
  • gray iron castings;
  • interior for streets and parks - decorative castings;

"Machinebuilding" workshop:

  • wares with design documentation and /or samples supplied by the client;
  • tooling and non-standard equipment, such as contrivances, welding constructions applied in engineering, but also foundry models and equipment, such as molds, patterns, core boxes, etc., used in casting;
  • spare parts for agricultural machinery; ceramics industry; all spare parts for GAZ, ZIL, SHKODA, IFA sanding equipment, used by the local road administration, vehicle bushings;
  • products for the construction industry and households;

Our work consists of professionalism and high quality search. In response to customers’ demands and requirements the products are improved and diversified.

We supply our production to the internal market and the EU countries - mostly to Spain, but we have also had orders for Greece, France, Germany, Ireland and other countries.

The company is located near Gorna Oryahovitsa international airport, major railway junction and highways, which is convenient for our customers.

Thank you for your interest in the company and its products!